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Created October 1, 2012   —   Modified December 3, 2012

Lauzon launches Urban Loft Series

Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring proudly introduces an exciting new flooring series, Urban Loft. This original, refined floor lends quiet sophistication to any interior design. Lightly textured, wire brushed white oak in wider, longer planks offers a soft, subtle statement. The low-matte finish and smoky color palette features trend-setting shades from creamy white to rich earthy brown. 

‘Urban Loft is all about unique character, subtly expressed,’ says Cheryl Grant, who directed the development of the styling and coloration of Urban Loft. Widely considered to be Canada’s leading lifestyle interiors trend consultant, Cheryl wanted to push the boundaries of what is fresh and sophisticated in flooring. ‘The wider, longer boards, beveled edges, and state-of-the-art precision milling really distinguish this floor. And the wire brushing adds a sense of naturalness, almost a naked look to the wood. It’s very edgy. Designers love it.’ 

World Class Construction 

‘For the Urban Loft Series, we opted for a 3-ply cross-grain construction which is proven in Europe to be the most stable for engineered hardwood. The precision milling of the floor ensures tight fitting planks which will prevent gapping,’ says Francois Godbout, Product Engineering Director at Lauzon. ‘We included a very thick 4 mm wear layer, dry solid sawn to ensure a firm grain and a splice-free surface. Other manufacturers use rotary peel or sliced surfaces, which are often too thin for re-sanding and can show undesirable end checks, chipped corners and edge splinters.’ 

Part of the Designer Collection 

The Urban Loft series is part of Lauzon’s celebrated Designer Collection, one of the finest groupings of unique hardwood flooring in the industry. The Designer Collection offers character woods, exotics and exclusive processes, including Lauzon’s remarkable, Titanium Matte Finish. Every floor in the collection is backed by a 35-year warranty. 

Titanium Matte Finish – Industry’s Finest 

Unique to Lauzon, this revolutionary matte finish provides phenomenal luster retention and scratch resistance. Its exceptional clarity allows the beauty of the grain to shine through. The soft texture and low luster ensures ease of maintenance. 

Environmental Integrity 

All Lauzon engineered flooring is compliant to CARB Phase 2 formaldehyde emissions and there are no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in the finish. 

About Lauzon 

Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring is Canada’s flooring industry leader and a major hardwood flooring manufacturer in North America. From forest to floor, Lauzon is a fully integrated operation, a rare and enviable position for any company. Lauzon has earned a global reputation as the industry benchmark for innovative flooring products. It is a pioneer in sound environmental and green-value FSC-certified products. Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring is privately-owned and operated, with its main offices in Papineauville, Quebec, near Ottawa. 

For more information 

The Urban Loft Series is available exclusively to Lauzon dealers across Canada. View the entire series on the website at